Terms of sales

  • Article 1 
    The goods travel at the buyer's own risk, even when the transport costs are at our expense 
  • Article 2
    All claims must be made within 5 days of delivery of the goods

  • Article 3
    Delivery times are given as an indication unless expressly stated otherwise

  • Article 4
    The general conditions mentioned in the letters of our customers do not oblige us (except with prior special agreement), the same are de rigueur.

  • Article 5
    The Courts of Brussels are solely competent for all disputes without exception

  • Article 6
    Our invoices are payable in cash. Any sum unpaid at its due date will entail full rights and without formal notice a lump sum indemnity of 15% per year with a minimum of 62Euros. By way of damages in accordance with article 1152 of the Civil Code as well as a late interest of 12% per year. The principles of reciprocity contemplated in Article 32.15 of the Trade Practices Act of 14.07.1991 shall apply.

  • Article 7
    The prices mentioned on this site are VAT included. The prices mentioned in the showroom do not include VAT which remains at the customer's expense.

  • Article 8
    The material and / or goods left on deposit remain our property. In all cases (including those between creditors), the goods remain our property until payment in full of all sums due.

  • Article 9
    Our price quotations are made according to the rate in effect on this date. In case of fluctuations of these, they will be modified accordingly.

  • Article 10
    The order is final only after having made of our part the object of a written and signed acceptance.